• Behavior Chain Analysis

    The behavior chain analysis or "BCA" is often the first step in DBT. It's also one that can be revisited throughout the course of treatment and even after. It is designed to help you process through a behavior and assess the chain of events, including vulnerability factors, triggers, thoughts, emotions, actions, and events, that lead up to the behavior. It also assesses any consequences or outcomes there were a result after the behavior occurred. This allows you, and your therapist, to know where to best implement DBT skills and predict future possible behaviors and outcomes that will be more effective in coping with different emotions.

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    1. Identify the problem behavior.

    2. Identify the trigger.
    3. Identify vulnerability factors.
    4. Identify the chain of events.

    5. Identify the consequences of the problem behavior.
    6. Identify DBT skills that could have been used during the chain of events.

    7. Identify consequences of using DBT Skills.

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