• Who am I?

    Hello. I'm Blair. Welcome to HelpwithDBT.com

    I am beyond excited that you are here!


    Over the past decade, I have worked with hundreds of clients on self and life improvement. Nothing brings me more joy in life than helping others make positive changes in their own lives.


    The reason I chose to work in the helping profession is because I have also struggled with life transitions, overcoming obstacles, and my own mental health. I continue to struggle with anxiety on a regular basis.


    I learned about and discovered DBT when I was in my graduate school internship. During that time, I had to lead groups and teach others about the various skills. I immediately began teaching myself the skills and applying them to my own life.


    Within a few months of working on the skills for myself, I started to notice changes in my life. I felt better and more in control of my emotions and daily life. This was the first time I can remember feeling fully in control and less anxious. I had found something that truly worked.


    Some skills came easier than others. Other skills took me a long time to work on but eventually they clicked.


    They can work for you, too! Get ready to feel better about YOU!


    Feel free to email me at blair@blairbucklerlpc.com with any questions, comments or concerns.

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